Do you accept credit cards?

We sure do! We accept debit/credit cards and cash. Sorry we do not accept checks.

Can I bring my child with me to my appointment?

PLEASE understand to prevent distractions children are NOT allowed unless receiving a service.

What is Divine Designz Cosmetics?

Divine Designz Cosmetics is our sister company and cosmetic brand. We sell a wide variety of high end products for women of all color in store at 155 Brynn Marr Rd. Suite 100 Jacksonville, NC 28546 and online

Do you do makeup there as well? If so, what type of beauty services do you offer?

Yes we sure do! Our beauty studio Divine Designz Cosmetics offers a wide range of services from makeup applications, eyebrow grooming, facials, brow tinting so much more. For more info on the beauty services we offer and to book with Divine Designz Cosmetics visit

How long have you been doing nails?

I have been doing nails for over 20 years.

I am a nail biter. Can I still receive a full set?

Yes in most cases you can. 

My nailbeds are sore from excessive drilling but I still love getting them done. Are there other options?

Yes there are other options. At Divine Designz we care about the health of your nails and have no problem hand filing your nails upon request. Please note hand filing takes a little bit more time.

Do you REALLY handpaint all of your nail art?

Yes! All of our nail art designs are hand painted. Every picture on this website and on our social media platforms are 100% my work. I do not use decals or stencils unless asked otherwise.

I am pregnant but would still like to get my nails done. What services do you recommend?

If you are pregnant I recommend a regular manicure over your natural nails. Also you can get a full set of liquid gel nails and gel polish. For pregnant moms, we will use UV gloves to protect your hands and cure the tips of your nails preventing excessive exposure to the UV light.

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